2016 DB Sharp and Sons Conker Champion.

The ferociously contested annual DB Sharp and Sons conker contest took place this year on the 21st of October.
Held every year at the Hermit of Redcoats over 60 of our team arrived and did battle with one another until this years Champion was crowned.
Anthony Page fought his way through 5 rounds before meeting Sean Davies in the finally and defeating him after a lengthy battle.
Anthony was presented with the “Golden Conker Necklace” containing the conkers of all the previous winners.
David Sharp told us “Its a great way to bring the team together for a bit of bonding, we always have great fun and its a good way for the guys
to meet newcomers to the company and catch up with old faces they may not have seen for awhile. Well done to Anthony on winning even if I am disappointed
he beat me”!!!!!!!

The company is already looking forward to next years fun.