About Us

DB Sharp and Sons are a leading building, plumbing, heating and electrical contractor based in Letchworth Garden City. Founded by Derek Brian Sharp in 1978 the family run company has worked hard to uphold its core values for quality workmanship and professionalism while maintaining a personal approach to construction. As a team we pride ourselves on the care and attention to detail, in every job we undertake. We work closely with all our clients to provide cost effective solutions to all areas of the construction process.

DB Sharp and Sons carry a rich heritage of over 40 years in the construction industry, we are well known for being trustworthy and bringing peace of mind to our clients. Our in-depth industry wide knowledge and experience have resulted in high levels of customer satisfaction, and our highly skilled tradesmen bring quality, friendliness and personality to each job, resulting in 90% of our work coming from customer recommendations.

We follow strict health and safety guidelines, complying with the health and safety at work act 1974 and construction design and management 2007 and 2015. All of our staff are qualified CSCS tradesmen and take every measure to ensure the safety of themselves and others on site.

We undertake a wide variety of work, from commercial to residential and from small refurbishments to complete new build projects. We approach all our work with the same professional manner and strive to complete our projects on time and to provide work that our customers and us can be proud of.



Martin Sharp left work to join his father Derek in 1979 to set up DB Sharp and Son LTD. Starting with electrical installations, plumbing, heating and small alteration works they began to make a name for themselves as a company that cared for quality. Throughout his years at DB Sharp and Sons LTD, Martin perfected his skills in the mechanical sector of building and now runs his team of electrical, heating and plumbing engineers to continue to bring quality and efficiency to every job. Martin is always keeping ahead of new technology and helping to keep DB Sharp and Sons LTD ahead of its rivals.


David left his job in 1981 to join his two brothers and father after completing his electrical apprenticeship. He began labouring and learning his skills in bricklaying, carpentry and all other aspects of building. David saw the potential that DB Sharp and Sons LTD possessed, through pushing its core values of quality and customer care along with his expertise in project management, he was able to grow the company to one of the largest and most respected in the area. With the DB Sharp and Sons name so well respected in and around north Hertfordshire, David has helped to support local sports teams and promote sport in the area.


Richard left school and began work as a trainee quantity surveyor. Around 1980 he left to join his brother Martin and father Derek at DB Sharp and Sons LTD. He began by helping to run small building projects with his granddad Albert Tyler who was a retired bricklayer. Richard learnt his trades through his years at DB Sharp and Sons LTD and now runs large and small building projects, always pushing the core values of quality and efficiency within his team of skilled tradesmen, which has helped to build the reputation of DB Sharp and Sons LTD.