April Employee of the month.

James Eliaschewsky joined us a year ago while staying in the UK from Australia. The purpose of his visit was to play Rugby for our beloved Letchworth and to see some of Europe while here.
DB Sharp and Sons however have found him pretty handy as part of our Electrical Team.
Electrical manager Gareth told us,
“James was a qualified sparks in Australia so it was only a matter of getting him used to UK electrics. He has proved himself to be an excellent addition to our team and will certainly be missed now he has gone. James was always polite, hardworking and keen to get on with it, popular with our customers we are sure he will make a success of whatever he chooses to do when he returns home”.

Well done on winning the golden hard hat.

A gentleman at work and an animal on the field of rugby we all wish James the best for the future.